The following is a guest post by Hope for education ghana beneficiary Rhoda.

Rhoda Afiakwa is my name and I am a level 200 Registered General Nursing student at Sunyani Nursing Training College. Although I came from a very poor home, even as a young girl I had big dreams and aspirations. Life became a lot more difficult when I lost both my parents and had to be adopted by my aunt who is a petty trader. I had to defer my courses as we could not afford to pay the fees and I thought all hope was lost. Then I found HopE Ghana. Thanks to Fr Dominic Obour and the HopE Ghana I received a scholarship and was able to continue my education.  Now I can become the nurse I’ve always wanted to be and serve the people of my nation.

Thus with my heart so full of joy and gratitude I say thank you very much to HopE Ghana for giving me the chance to smile and have my dreams become a reality. Almighty God bless you all.

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