Hope For Education Ghana equips and empowers the gifted, disadvantaged child by offering the financial support needed to pursue an advanced education. Through education our aim is to build the child’s academic skills and further foster the confidence and independence needed to be a responsible, caring and informed beacon of society.


A world where every child has the resources they need to realize their full potential


Nurturing and empowering dreams

Values: I-TAPPE

  • Interfaith – education is for all gifted, underprivileged children regardless of beliefs or creed
  • Transparency – the keystone of all that we do without which trust is lost
  • Accountability – the spirit that drives all that we do
  • Passionate – servers of the needy and the underprivileged
  • Professionalism – the ethos of our business concern
  • Efficient – use of resources for the enrichment of the gifted, underprivileged children


HopE Ghana has the following goals and guiding principles to achieve our mission to empower gifted and underprivileged children in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana:

  • To make 20 percent of New York City residents and 60 percent of Ghanaians aware of Hope For Education Ghana’s mission by 2020.
  • To offer comprehensive support (financial and otherwise) to 100 High School and 50 Graduate underprivileged, gifted students and alumni by 2020.
  • To achieve financial self-sufficiency for 50 percent of Hope Education Ghana’s operations and activities through annual fund donations by 2020.


The logo symbol is a waterfall. Like the waterfall which is constantly flowing, dreams of disadvantaged children should not be short-lived.

A little over 5% of the population of Brong Ahafo  region in Ghana are able to go beyond secondary school.

1 in 1000 has attained post-graduate education.*

The Region has the lowest proportion of regional population (1.3%) in post-secondary education.

Only 5 of 27 districts in Brong Ahafo Region have 5% of households who own laptops and/or desktop computers. (*2010 census)

HopE Ghana is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Education in Ghana's Brong Ahafo Region