We provide scholarships to college students studying in the schools mentioned below:

  • NURSING TRAINING COLLEGES – provide diploma programs in nursing and midwifery for students. It is a three-year program.
  • COLLEGES OF EDUCATION – Students who attend Colleges of Education aspire to become professional teachers. It is a four-year teaching degree program.
  • TRADITIONAL UNIVERSITIES – Students attend traditional universities that offer various courses of interest that cater to their aspirations. It is a four-year degree program.
  • LAPTOPS AND COMPUTERS – We provide computers, notebooks, laptops, and other educational resources to students, individuals, and schools in remote areas of Ghana when we receive such donations.
  • HIGH SCHOOLS – During the first two years since its establishment in 2015, HFEG provided financial assistance to cover the boarding school fees of 26 students.

However, with the introduction of the Free High School program by the government of Ghana in 2017, the support program for high school students is no longer needed, so it has been discontinued.