From Our Beneficiaries – Vol.1: Rising to the Top (Ms. Mumuni Abiba)

Miss Abiba receiving an award above for being the best student in her year class
The following is a guest post by hope ghana beneficiary Abiba.

On February 25, 2016, I was awarded the overall best student in my Diploma in Midwifery 6th batch class of the Tamale Nurses and Midwives Training College, Ghana. As I received the award, one thing ran through my mind in the midst of the accolades and smiles: “I am so thankful to HopE Ghana. I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Sometimes in life, you almost feel like giving up when the odds are all against you. That is how I felt when my father passed away, leaving me and my step mother alone with limited resources”. I was then in my second year high school. I felt like I was walking all alone in a dark scary tunnel not knowing if I was ever going to see the light at the end.  I wondered how I could achieve my dream of completing high school and college and going on to earn a living.

It was then that HopE Ghana stretched out a hand, saying “Don’t worry, you’re almost there. We will support you.” Without HopE Ghana, I would have dropped out of school and wouldn’t be receiving this award today. I will forever be grateful to them. And so, if today you are reading this, from any part of the globe, you can join HopE Ghana and support their many initiatives to support many other less privileged children like me to achieve their dreams of a better education and a brighter future.

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A little over 5% of the population of Brong Ahafo  region in Ghana are able to go beyond secondary school.

1 in 1000 has attained post-graduate education.*

The Region has the lowest proportion of regional population (1.3%) in post-secondary education.

Only 5 of 27 districts in Brong Ahafo Region have 5% of households who own laptops and/or desktop computers. (*2010 census)

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