College Room and Board

At different phases of college life, students are compelled by the lack of or inadequate dormitory or hostel facilities on campuses to seek living space in the towns and cities outside their universities and colleges. In most of these neighborhoods, the intense competition between students and the local population for the few housing options has shot up the cost of rent. In some cases, rent is even higher than tuition. Ultimately, the HopE Ghana Room and Board program offers students a lodging that comes with stability and peace of mind central to academic work.

Belinda Opoku


Belinda is a first year student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) studying Actuarial Science. Belinda is enjoying a comprehensive college sponsorship from HopE Ghana. She comes from a family of eight children with elderly parents who are subsistent farmers. This situation put Belinda’s dream of a college education in jeopardy. HopE Ghana discovered Belinda and paid for her to attend college. Without this support, it is very likely that she would be like so many of her peers and never be able to attend school again. This brilliant teenager dreams of becoming a professional actuary, to establish a consulting business that extends a helping hand to needy and poor of society.



Jasintha is 25 years and in her second year of college, studying to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Tamale campus of the University of Development Studies. Jasintha is the fourth of seven children and the only girl. When she was accepted into college last year, she almost could not attend. After many appeals to get tuition fees with no luck, a Good Samaritan stepped forward with the necessary funds for her. Unfortunately for Jasintha, the Samaritan’s business is not doing well. He cannot continue to help. Without these funds, Jasintha will need to drop out of college. Jasintha wants to give back to her village and surrounding communities once she becomes a nurse. On behalf of Jasintha and her community, please help us. HopE Ghana needs your support to make her dream come true. Your financial support will go beyond just helping Jasintha; you’ll be helping an entire community.

A little over 5% of the population of Brong Ahafo  region in Ghana are able to go beyond secondary school.

1 in 1000 has attained post-graduate education.*

The Region has the lowest proportion of regional population (1.3%) in post-secondary education.

Only 5 of 27 districts in Brong Ahafo Region have 5% of households who own laptops and/or desktop computers. (*2010 census)

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Education in Ghana's Brong Ahafo Region