Computer/Laptop Program

The importance of computers in the teaching-learning process is utterly immense. And yet, in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana, only five districts in the region have more than 5% of households owning laptops and/or desktops computers, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census. Majority of students who have not used computers before because they cannot afford and because majority of schools lack them, are expected to compete effectively with their counterparts in well-endowed schools in the cities. We have no doubts whatsoever that our HopE Ghana computer/laptops program will help to bridge this wide gap. It will immensely help students develop needed computer skills central to 21st century learning.

Angelina Twum-Antwi

Angelina Twum-Kisiwaa

Angelina is pursuing a bachelor of commerce degree at the University of Development Studies, Wa campus in Ghana. Her goal is to become a chartered accountant. In 2013 when she was badly in need of a computer to complete her rigorous academic work and with no funds to purchase one, HopE Ghana presented her with brand new laptop. Today, Angelina is able to access course notes in soft copy format; do online research; and does not have to find random Internet cafes to do her course work, assignments, and term papers. The laptop made it easier for Angelina to enjoy extracurricular activities and connect with friends in other universities to share ideas and knowledge.

Benedicta A. Chigatera

Benedicta is a second year student of the University of Energy and National Resources. She is studying Renewable Energy Engineering and hopes to specialize in solar energy or bio energy. The laptop is helping her carry out her academic projects using special software related to her course work without the usual commuting to Internet cafes in town. The gift of a laptop gives her more time to completing her degree without the additional stress of finding an Internet café.

Benedicta A. Chigatera
Geetha Opata Hansey

Geetha Opata Hansey

Geetha is one of the first beneficiaries of our HopE Ghana computer/laptop program. This promising young woman of Ghanaian and Indian parentage is now studying physiotherapy at the University of Ghana, Legon-Accra. The laptop has helped make learning less stressful and more enjoyable. She now can do online research without having to find and pay for Internet use at a Wi-Fi cafe. Geetha can prepare her projects and semester papers; and read e-books—something she couldn’t do in the past.

Wilhemina Adoma Pels

Wilhemina is currently a final year student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology pursing a course in mathematics. When she entered College in 2012, she realized that the demands of her program called for knowledge in Information Technology and Mathematics, Application Development, and PC Computing. The laptop from HopE Ghana has been a great resource for her as she fulfills her ambition to be a financial mathematician/statistician.

Wilhemina Adoma Pels

A little over 5% of the population of Brong Ahafo  region in Ghana are able to go beyond secondary school.

1 in 1000 has attained post-graduate education.*

The Region has the lowest proportion of regional population (1.3%) in post-secondary education.

Only 5 of 27 districts in Brong Ahafo Region have 5% of households who own laptops and/or desktop computers. (*2010 census)

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