2015 Batch

HOPE GHANA High School Students

Christabel Osei-Fokuo


Christabel is in her second year of high school and a science student with six sisters. She hopes to have a career in dentistry and philanthropy to support children from poor homes in her little village. Her father lost his job eight years ago and now periodically engages in ad hoc jobs while the mother sells second-hand clothing going door-to-door, a trade which barely earns her $30.00. Christabel misses home. If she visits, it’s another mouth to feed, and the family struggles enough to provide food for her immediate family. Already, she is scared she may not be able to complete her education to earn a living. But without education, Christabel has no chance of making it in today’s Ghana. All she hopes for is for a miracle to come her way. Could you be that miracle?


Faustina is from a large family and in her second year of high school. Faustina dreams of becoming a motivational speaker some day and to mentor other kids with similar fates as she. Though brilliant, the economic hardships the family is going through had made an otherwise cheerful and outgoing girl reserved and timid with a negative outlook about her future. With the father not working and the mother with an unstable trade as a “hawker” of second hand goods, the children of six will have to take turns to complete high school and may be tertiary as well. Should Faustina and her sister Christabel even succeed in completing high school, without any assistance, they will have to wait for their two senior sisters who completed some years back to complete tertiary education before they can also attend. This is too demoralizing for such a young mind and young shoulders.

Faustina Boatemaa
Emmanuella Kyeremaah


Emmanuella, is a 16 year old girl and a freshman at Notre Dame Girls High School. She is the oldest of six siblings. The death of her father in January 2012 meant that their mother who is unskilled and unemployed had the sole responsibility to support the children. It was a situation that the poor single mother could barely manage on her own. Helping Emmanuella get through high school and college will be a great inspiration and incentive to finish her education so she can help her mother take care of her siblings by the time they are ready for school.


Mary is 17 years and aspires to be nurse someday. She is from a home of five children. Her older brother stayed at home after completing high school. Due to lack of funds, he could not go to college. Mary stands to suffer a similar fate. She is distracted because she is being sent home because she cannot pay her tuition fees. Mary’s worries were added to when her father died suddenly in 2014.

Mary Asiedua
Priscilla Agulo Atampoka


Priscilla is in high school and from a family of four children. Because of financial constraints, two of her older siblings have dropped out of school. Priscilla fears that a similar situation can happen to her as well. If Priscilla can find the support to finish high school and attend college, Priscilla hopes to become a journalist to champion the cause of those who are marginalized in society.


Rebecca is a first year Home Economics student from a broken home. Her single mother is of meager means caring for three kids all by herself. Rebecca dreams of becoming a nurse one day to care for her siblings and the sick. She is eldest of three children.

Rebecca Anima Yeboah
Rosemary Abowine


Rosemary is a second year high school student and from a family of six children. Rosemary’s father used to be a “pupil teacher” (Unprofessional, untrained teacher) and because he lacked the finances to go to high school to get the required teaching certificate, he lost his little source of earnings some years back. Rosemary’s father has since turned to subsistence vegetable cultivation which is woefully inadequate for the needs of the family. With the wife bringing home a paltry sum of $25.00 a month and sometimes even less, Rosemary and her siblings have a bigger hurdle to overcome if they are to complete their schooling.


Shirley is 18 years old, one of four children, and a member of the freshman class in high school. She is pursuing a course in Home Economics. When her parents divorced some seven years ago, little Shirley was forced to live with her auntie because her single mother could not care for her and her siblings. When her auntie’s small trade went bad under the harsh economic realities Ghana is going through, Shirley has to suffer the embarrassment and burden of constantly being asked to leave school because she cannot pay tuition and school fees. This is not good news for any studious mind. Shirley hopes to go the nursing school after she finishes high school so she can care for the aged and informed of society.

Shirley Twum
Rhoda Akua Ameyaa


Rhoda is 17 years old and a second year high school student at Sunyani High School. She has four siblings. Rhoda’s mother is a local food vendor and her father is a farmer. This young, enthusiastic young woman hopes to become a doctor someday. Without any financial assistance to pay tuition, room and board or purchase the necessary textbooks, her dream will not happen. HopE Ghana can help her get to medical school.


Darlington Pomaa is 16 years old and a first-year science student at Sunyani High. Darlington hopes to become a surgeon someday. Since her parents are separated, the care of Darlington and her three siblings has fallen entirely on her mother. It is difficult for her because she works at the department of parks and gardens and barely earns enough to meet the family’s most basic needs. Darlington wants to finish her studies and go on to medical school. It is not likely given the economic demands on her family. HopE Ghana wants to help Darlington complete high school and have the opportunity to realize her full potential.

Darlington Adu Pomaa
Pius Dasmani


Pius, like his brother Bismark, other siblings and their mother received help from HopE Ghana when the Foundation built a three-bedroom house with a hall, electricity, and modern appliances. Pius shared the loss of his dad, Felix Dasmani, in 2012. HopE Ghana made a commitment to this family. We are pleased that Pius is entering his sophomore year of high school this fall. Help us to help Pius and Bismark complete their studies, and fulfill their parents’ dream of giving them a better life.


Bright is 19 years old and in his second year of high school studying science. Bright’s father died when he was in third grade. Bright and his two siblings’ care is left to his unemployed, uneducated mother—a subsistence farmer. Bright is currently a day student and commutes to school daily. HopE Ghana would like to get him into boarding school to cut cost of commuting and to provide him with an environment that is conducive for studies. At the moment, Bright works weekends and after school by fetching water for a group of masons as his part in bringing in the necessary funds to complete his high school education. Won’t you help us help Bright? It would mean the world to him.



Emmanuel is the second child in a family of three children. When he was barely six years old, he lost his father, who was the family’s only breadwinner. His mother had to find a way to support the family. Meanwhile, like many in her situation, she trades and sells small items to bring in $40 a month, if she’s lucky. When Emmanuel is on vacation, he works as a hired hand supporting a group of masons to supplement the little money his mum brings home. Emmanuel needs our support. Why not help HopE Ghana save Emmanuel’s dream? Give now


Freddy is 21 years old and in his second year of high school. He has four other siblings. When Freddy was only two years old, his father passed away. His father’s death meant that none of Freddy’s siblings would be able to go to school, the one tool that would help them find a job that could help support the family. Their mother is old and ill, Freddy works on his school holidays as a “laborer” on people’s farms to pay for his education. HopE Ghana and Freddy need you to help make his dream real. Give now

John Claude

John Claude

John Claude is 18 and in his second year of high school. His mother passed away in July 2005. Unfortunately for John Claude and his six siblings, their father became disheartened after the death of his wife and has not been able to provide for their needs. Right now, John Claude’s eldest sister who is a petty trader is bearing the burden of educating John Claude and his other siblings. Please help HopE Ghana make John Claude’s dream come true.

Paul Miki

Paul Miki is 17 years old and in his second year of high school. He is the second oldest of five children. His father was a trader and was doing well until his small business hit the rocks. As a result, the family is experiencing acute financial hardship; the only income is whatever his mother, a petty trader, can bring. HopE Ghana would welcome your help in making it possible for Paul Miki to achieve his goal.

Paul Miki


Riet is 19 years old and in her third year of high school. In her final year of junior high school, she lost her dad. Since then, her unemployed mother has been struggling to care for Riet and her five siblings. Riet wishes to become a psychoanalyst someday to care for people with mental disorders or problems. HopE Ghana needs your help to make Riet realize her dream. Your gift, no matter how small, helps Riet and others change their lives.


Victor is 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. He is the youngest of three children. The family is currently struggling to meet their needs and Victor fears of dropping out of school as the family’s severely limited financial resources cannot meet the educational needs of Victor and his two other siblings. Why not help Hope Ghana save his dream?


Hope ghana Future College Students

Priscilla Adu and Anita Barnie

Priscilla and Anita

Priscilla Adu is 19 years old. She and her older sister, Anita Barnie, come from a family of four siblings. Priscilla is currently a freshman studying sociology, social work and religions at the university of Ghana, Legon—Accra. Anita is a second-year student learning a BS in Natural Resource Management at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology at Kumasi, Ghana. While their father is alive, the family continues to struggle every day to pay their tuition fees and bills. This is because for more than 10 years, their father has been jobless due to an acute form of diabetes and heart complications. Previously, he was the principal breadwinner in the family. Their mother is without any stable source of income. These brilliant and talented girls suffer the pain and humiliation of being sent home constantly because they cannot pay their fees. These very gifted sisters finished high school thanks to the benevolence of well-wishers. Unfortunately, these generous people cannot support their college education. If we cannot help them, it is likely that they will not be able to finish school.


Wilfred Kofi Twum is a 20-year-old, first-year general nursing student at the Drobo St. Mary’s Campus of the Holy Family Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Berekum, Ghana. Wilfred is from a family of four children. Both of her parents are unemployed and the mother is suffering from ill health. Several years ago, Wilfred’s father lost his job as a local mason and is now too old to do manual or meaningful work to support his family. When Wilfred was admitted to nursing school, his mother had to sell her small cosmetic shop to pay his tuition fees. Since then, his mother and father have been searching for sponsorship to ensure that their son can complete his education and become a nurse. HopE Ghana hopes to be able to support Wilfred and his parents so that he can achieve his dreams.

Wilfred Kofi Twum
Angelina Twum-Kisiwaa


HopE Ghana gave Angelina a computer and training, and she excelled in her studies and went on to pursue a bachelor of commerce degree at the University of Development Studies. As the oldest of six children, Angelina risks dropping out of school because her father’s small mechanic shop is failing. Angelina clearly demonstrated her ability to succeed and will enter her second year of the University of Development Studies, Wa this coming fall. Without more support from HopE Ghana, Angelina risks dropping out of school because she can’t pay her University fees. Help us help Angelina.


Bismark, aged 20, his four siblings, and mother have already received HopE Ghana’s help. When his father, Felix Dasmani, a teacher at the Notre Dame Girls High School died in a fatal accident one month after school started, HopE Ghana helped them by providing a three-bedroom house with a hall and all the appliances plus electricity. In September 2015, Bismark will enter his junior year at the University of Cape Coast pursuing a degree in education. We are proud of his accomplishment, and happy we helped by supporting this wonderful family.

Bismark Dasmani
Emmanuel Asamoah


Emmanuel is 17 years old and comes from a family of three children. In his second year of junior high school, he lost his father to a fatal accident and the family lost their breadwinner. Currently, Emmanuel’s mother struggles to support her family’s needs for housing, food, education and health needs. In spite of that, Emmanuel wants to become a pharmacist. He has applied to a college to fulfill that dream. One day, Emmanuel too hopes to care for orphans and families like his. You can help HopE Ghana make it possible.


Eva is 27 years old and currently pursuing a nursing program at Tepa Midwifery and Nursing training school in the Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana. She will enter her second year in September 2015. When her parents separated 20 years ago, Eva and her eight siblings have depended on their single mom for everything. Eva completed high school in 2012, but she had to work as a street vendor to save enough money to allow her to go to nursing school. The Ghanaian government recently eliminated all aid to nursing students, and Eva has to postpone her training to work save the money she needs to finish her program. Right now, Eva has some outstanding debt from her last semester. Eva needs HopE Ghana and your support to finish her studies. Please help us make that possible.

Eva Adomah
Francis Oppong


Francis is 20 years old and completed high school in 2013. Since then, he has not been able to continue his education because of the financial difficulties his family is going through. In 2012, the five-acre cocoa farm the family depended on was destroyed by bush fires. Right now, Francis has applied to college but doesn’t know where he will find the money to pay his tuition fees. Why not help HopE Ghana make his dreams come true?


Philomina Osei is 21 years old and pursuing a Business Administration degree at Ghana Baptist University College. The young girl hopes to be a banker someday. In September 2015, Philomina will enter her third year of college. Her greatest fear is that her father’s retirement and ill-health and her mother’s age and unemployment, will keep her from completing her college education. She has applied to many organizations for help without success. Because of the financial burden on the family, Philomina now commutes from home to school since her parents can no more afford the room and board fees. Living at home means that she is constantly distracted by household chores which interferes with the time she can spend doing reading and assignments.

Philomina Osei
Juliet Holloway Hayford


Juliet Holloway Hayford is a HopE Ghana success story. HopE Ghana offered financial support to Juliet so she could complete her high school education. Today, she is entering nursing college to train as a nurse midwife; she will begin her studies later this fall (2015). Coming from a family of five siblings and dire financial need meant that Juliet was going to drop out of high school until HopE Ghana came to her aid. Now more than ever, the young girl needs our continued support to graduate. Help us to make her dreams come true; help her to put smiles on the faces of those she will treat as a result of her training.


Emmanuel is 19 years old and the second of three children. Currently, Emmanuel lives with the mother who is a petty trader and the only breadwinner for the family of five. Since 2007, Emmanuel’s father has been incapacitated because of a stroke. Emmanuel finished high school, but he wants to learn to be land surveyor. It doesn’t take a lot of money to help Emmanuel. Your contribution to HopE Ghana will support his college education and give hope to him and his family of a better way of life.



Jasintha is 25 years and in her second year of college, studying to complete her Bachelor of Science in nursing at the Tamale campus of the University of Development Studies. Jasintha is the fourth of seven children and the only girl. When she was accepted into college last year, she almost could not attend. After many appeals to get tuition fees with no luck, a Good Samaritan stepped forward with the necessary funds for her. Unfortunately for Jasintha, the Samaritan’s business is not doing well. He cannot continue to help. Without these funds, Jasintha will need to drop out of college. Jasintha wants to give back to her village and surrounding communities once she becomes a nurse. On behalf of Jasintha and her community, please help us. HopE Ghana needs your support to make her dream come true. Your financial support will go beyond just helping Jasintha; you’ll be helping an entire community.


Naomi is 24 years old and attending Jackson College of Education. Naomi is the youngest of three children. Her parents divorced when she was still a toddler. Since then, Naomi has never seen or heard from her father again. Caring for the children and their household was left to their single mother. Due to financial constraints, Naomi’s older siblings weren’t able to go to school. They are now unemployed. When Naomi was accepted to college last year, her mother borrowed from neighbors for her to be able to attend. Because her mother could not pay back the money, the creditors are unwilling to help this time around. Naomi has two options: drop out of school or get support from benefactors. You can be one of her benefactors by helping HopE Ghana provide these funds for her. Give now



Raphael is 23 years old. He wants to become a teacher. He just needs help. He lost his father when he was a baby and the mother in 2013. Since then, his aged grandmother has been responsible for his care. Coming from one of the remotest parts of the Brong Ahafo Region and losing both parents, Raphael did not allow his situation to bog him down. He struggled against the odds and completed high school with the support of his grandma. Now, the young man needs your help to go to college to make his teaching dream come true. Any amount will help him. You can be the one to make a difference. Give now

A little over 5% of the population of Brong Ahafo  region in Ghana are able to go beyond secondary school.

1 in 1000 has attained post-graduate education.*

The Region has the lowest proportion of regional population (1.3%) in post-secondary education.

Only 5 of 27 districts in Brong Ahafo Region have 5% of households who own laptops and/or desktop computers. (*2010 census)

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Education in Ghana's Brong Ahafo Region